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About us

About us

The name of the company Diacom Technology® has become a generic name in many languages ​​of the world. Millions of people from different countries associate this name with quality equipment of "bioresonance" technologies.

The history of Diacom Technology® is more than 12 years old and is a story of incredible discoveries, actions with a vision of the future and non-standard solutions, which brought to the company the love and respect of its clients and worldwide recognition.

But in the origins of Diacom Technology® was a completely different company, called "Avto Expert Servis".

In 2002 a talented electronic engineer (currently president of Diacom Technology®), the PhD in naturopathy Jachatur Mkrchtyan, being a creative inventor, versatile person and overflowing energy, together with his colleagues, launched the initiative to create a company that had as main task the control of the security of means of transport. More specifically, the development and control of passive safety systems for car passengers. The company grew dynamically and cooperated closely with the NAMI Institute (central scientific institute of automobiles and engines for automobiles) of the city of Moscow. However, after some time, activity in this field was suspended

A little later, in the summer of 2005, based on the developments and ideas for "Avto Expert Servis", thanks to the inexhaustible energy of Jachatur Mkrchtyan and his collaborators, the idea of ​​creating electronic systems for the measurement and control of different physical and chemical parameters. This is how the Diacom Technology® company was created in October 2005. The very name of Diacom, which initially meant the symbiosis of two words "complex for diagnosis" (Diagnosticheskyi kompleks in Russian, complex with the meaning RAE of "That is made up of diverse elements), later acquired a more global meaning. Now we can talk not only about the so-called complexes for diagnosis (in other words, about systems diagnosis), but also a complete diagnosis of the functional state of the human organism, together with all the related studies. The main idea was to create a system as complete as possible to diagnose the human organism. Thanks to the knowledge and talent of Jachatur Mkrchtyan, the idea of ​​creating a device that records changes under the influence of weak electromagnetic fields came to light. The perseverance and faith in everything he did, helped the future president of the company Diacom Technology® to successfully combine the development of advanced competitive teams, with the management of the company.
В настоящее время компания Diacom Technology® динамично развивается и занимает почетное место на мировом рынке Биорезонансных технологий и устройств использующих подобные технологии.
Currently, the Diacom Technology® company develops dynamically and occupies a place of honor in the global market of bioresonance technologies and equipment that use such technologies.

The company carries out the complete process of production of medical and non-medical radioelectronic articles, starting with the development and launch of the technologies, and from the assembly, assembly, evaluation, to the packing and dispatch of devices to their final users.

The state-of-the-art systems for analysis and evaluation of the physical and psycho-emotional state of the human being are a relatively new approach to human diagnosis in modern medicine. This is a relatively young address, but it has already achieved the recognition of many specialists and is actively used in relation to the clarification of alterations in the physical and psycho-emotional state of people.

With their help it is possible not only to analyze, but also to obtain good results without cumbersome, painful and prolonged studies and analysis. This system allows a good specialist to identify the injuries and dysfunctions of the organism in a few minutes and make the right decision regarding the technique of impacting the incipient focus, to neutralize the negative factors and dysfunctions of the organism, not only in its epicenter , but in the whole organism in general. The method is effective in early diseases, in chronic diseases and also during the rehabilitation period.

Year 2006, the city of Krasnodar, Russia, we will talk about the official start-up of the production. At that time there were about thirty devices per month of the base model Diacom-Lite-FREQ in its COM version, which could measure low current electromagnetic fields, resonated under its influence and delivered information through the computer, which allowed, then perform a thorough analysis.This model had a built-in pulse generator, which served as the basis for the Diacom-FREQ technology. In view of the key to the company's constant improvement of the quality and functionality of the technologies produced, the technology of "Registration of electromagnetic fields of low current by the resonance method" was no exception. This policy served as a starting point for the development of more global approaches.

In 2009, the representation of Diacom Technology® was opened in the Czech Republic, and in 2014 in Spain, which allowed to integrate even more Diacom's products in the world market. Newer and more advanced equipment is created, the company refines its own authoring software and new programs are developed, receiving the necessary licenses and patents at the same time. Seminars and trainings are held for the management of equipment and software in Europe, America, Russia and Africa. Every year the company organizes international conferences, in which official representatives of Diacom Technology® are present in different countries and customers of the company. Distributors and representatives of the company emerge worldwide, which represent the products and prosper thanks to the close cooperation with Diacom Technology®.

The company's plans are global and its activity, once again, confirms that we do not plan to stay on what has been achieved. Even the difficulties of a global nature, related to the organization and stabilization of the market, on the contrary, reinforce the tasks and objectives proposed.

What is it that makes the difference between Diacom's production of similar products from the competition to this day? The answer is obvious and simple: the quality of the products elaborated and the strict control of the standards, which is confirmed with the guarantee, since the manufacturer is known by all; and also the price, which corresponds to the quality advertised, but is lower than that of the similar products of the competitors. Such policy and standards allowed the company to take its place in the market and position itself firmly. Undoubtedly, there are attempts to falsify, but the wide range of products, as well as the latest and innovative technologies, leave no chance for competitors and counterfeiters.

What are the company's plans for the future? Unconditionally, continue production at the right level, and then expand the product line. Annually incorporate new equipment models and improve computer programs.

Here are ten reasons why DIACOM?

    1. Diacom really helps
    2. Diacom scans and evaluates the results
    3. Diacom tells you what to do next
    4. Diacom can destroy most environmental pathogens, which have a negative impact on health
    5. Diacom can help you overcome allergies by destroying allergens in your habitat
    6. Diacom can load with positive energy the facilities of its environment, which will improve the state of the body's cells
    7. Diacom has a presence in Europe. We produce original equipment, without cheap fakes.
    8. Diacom has online support for its customers
    9. Diacom has all the necessary certificates and documents for its products in Europe and Russia
    10. Diacom has a series of touchscreen devices, which makes them as easy to use as your cell phone

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